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Wedding Handkerchiefs – A Beautiful Tradition

 I found this article and thought you might enjoy readings about this sweet tradition.

An item as simple as a handkerchief can become very special when it is given in the form of a “Wedding Handkerchief”.

A wedding handkerchief is given as a gift to the bride, groom, parents of bride or groom, or bridal party on the big day.

There are heartwarming stories of how handkerchiefs have become a tradition to many families.

If you are wondering what to gift your loved ones on your Special Day, this is the perfect memento, a beautiful keepsake they will treasure forever!

The exact period when the idea of using handkerchiefs emerged is a bit unclear. According to some historians, handkerchiefs date back to 1000 BC.

Handkerchiefs were also supposed to be a symbol of wealth. These particular hankies were basically made of fine linen and were later made of 100 % cotton and other materials.

Handkerchiefs have been used over the years for various purposes. From “dropping a handkerchief” as a symbol to start a race to using it as a head accessory, the purpose of handkerchiefs continued to change.
From its very down-to-earth use for blowing the nose to its more fashionable use of drying the happy tears of the bride and groom in modern times, handkerchiefs have been a useful belonging for the newlyweds.

The actual tradition of the wedding handkerchief was said to have started in the southern U.S. where it was passed down through generations.

Today, tears of brides and grooms are celebrated as tears of joy and wedding handkerchiefs have become a practical, as well as an emotional accessory for the newlyweds and later it works as a beautiful memory of their wedding.

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