Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Weekend of Weddings 1

 Wedding Weekend Couple #1

On Sat. the 13th I welcomed Melody and Tim for their Handfasting Marriage ceremony in The Wedding Garden.

They had family in attendance to cheer them on as all as take part in the ceremony.

We began the ceremony with a welcoming and having the couple state that they were entering the marriage of their own free will.

Both Melody and Tim were fun loving and laid back. 
Although they took the actions of their marriage ceremony very serious they felt that the ceremony such be fun too.

We moved on to the Handfasting part of their ceremony with great joy.

In ancient times only the rich could afford rings so couple used this form of binding their hands and wrist together to represent their commitment to each other.


The couple holds their hands now bound together as in times of old.

And so the binding is made!!!!
Congratulations,,, You are now HandFasted!


 Melody & Tim braided the 3 cords with love & attached meaningful charms to it.

Before ending the ceremony we included a lovely part to the ceremony called Cakes and Ale,

They brought handmade bread (made by Melody) and I supplied the best fresh pressed from the orchard, apple cider around.  

We all ate & drank giving thanks for our blessings.


Tim's mother is such an amazing lady I had to have a photo of her. She is 69 yrs old & drove down to Raleigh from Canada to be here for her son's wedding. The day before she was due to arrive another car on the highway side swiped her causing her to lose control of her car & end up driving across the wrong side of the highway where she then went over the embankment. Her car rolled over 3 times before coming to a stop. 

And here she stands a few days later with bruises but alive & well. Needless to say she was being watched over from above! What a remarkable woman!

Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Mayberry!

May you have many years together as happy as you were this day.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Wedding Handkerchiefs – A Beautiful Tradition

 I found this article and thought you might enjoy readings about this sweet tradition.

An item as simple as a handkerchief can become very special when it is given in the form of a “Wedding Handkerchief”.

A wedding handkerchief is given as a gift to the bride, groom, parents of bride or groom, or bridal party on the big day.

There are heartwarming stories of how handkerchiefs have become a tradition to many families.

If you are wondering what to gift your loved ones on your Special Day, this is the perfect memento, a beautiful keepsake they will treasure forever!

The exact period when the idea of using handkerchiefs emerged is a bit unclear. According to some historians, handkerchiefs date back to 1000 BC.

Handkerchiefs were also supposed to be a symbol of wealth. These particular hankies were basically made of fine linen and were later made of 100 % cotton and other materials.

Handkerchiefs have been used over the years for various purposes. From “dropping a handkerchief” as a symbol to start a race to using it as a head accessory, the purpose of handkerchiefs continued to change.
From its very down-to-earth use for blowing the nose to its more fashionable use of drying the happy tears of the bride and groom in modern times, handkerchiefs have been a useful belonging for the newlyweds.

The actual tradition of the wedding handkerchief was said to have started in the southern U.S. where it was passed down through generations.

Today, tears of brides and grooms are celebrated as tears of joy and wedding handkerchiefs have become a practical, as well as an emotional accessory for the newlyweds and later it works as a beautiful memory of their wedding.

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