Saturday, November 5, 2016

Should I have a Wedding Video?

Should I have a Wedding Video?

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Your wedding video is like a "time machine". It lets you relive your wedding day as often as you like, anytime you like. It lets you attend your own wedding at your leisure without the stresses and distractions of the day. It is also a significant and important "living" document for your families, your children, and grandchildren. 
A wedding video is a movie of your wedding, a lasting memory of pictures that includes the timeless sights and sounds of every important event that took place on your special day. You can also share your wedding video online with family and friends who missed your special day. 
 Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer
 A professional wedding video will tell the story of your wedding day. Using creative camera work, a keen attention to detail and artistic editing using music, the right blend of effects and transitions, the professional wedding videographer will produce a video you will watch often and be proud to show others.

Is a Wedding Video important if I will have Wedding Photos?
 Both your wedding photos and wedding video are of equal importance. You can frame your wedding video and carry it with you in your purse or wallet to show a friend. But, you can't hear your marriage vows, see a tear as it rolls down a cheek, or relive the sights, sounds and emotions of your family and guests by looking at a photograph.  

 Hiring the Right Photographer/Videographer for You
Allow me to introduce you to Valerie Kern of Kern Creative Media. 

 Valerie & her husband Nick both Military Veterans With over 6 years of experience shooting, editing and producing professional videos around the world, and have finally settled in Raleigh, NC. 

We believe nobody should be paying thousands of dollars for a professionally produced video. That's why we will work with you to create the video of your dreams and one that fits your budget!  We will work with ALL types of weddings and businesses without exception.

 Contact Valerie at

(805) 610-8198

  Do I really need a Wedding Video?
If course, it's up to you. Your wedding day will only happen once in your life. Don't regret your precious memories preserved in a wedding video that you can see and relive over and over for years to come.

Samantha L. Heart has adapted this story from an Article by Amy Levin-Epstein 


Saturday, July 30, 2016

The place you had your first kiss?

The place you had your first kiss ? 

Umm, Would you want to get married at the very spot your lips touched each others for the first time?

Think about it......

Of course, not every first kiss is in the most attractive place, but when it comes to unique, you won't forget that place!

Perhaps you were in the parking garage after a movie when you had your first kiss. 

While you may have never thought of getting married in a parking garage, it may be one of the most unique and trendy weddings to have ever happened. Unique wedding ideas are typically the ones that no one else has thought of which makes them that much more special.

A Ferris Wheel first kiss

On your favourite Beach

A Helicopter First Kiss!

 How romantic would a wedding ceremony be at the location of your first Kiss?

Perhaps your first kiss was in your favorite restaurant in the city

Renting a private room or the restaurant itself may be a significant cost, but you can be sure that it is much cheaper than a wedding that requires travel and transport. One thing is certain, you will definitely have a romantic experience while remembering how you felt that first time that you got close to the love of your life.

Unique wedding ideas on a wedding budget may not sound as amazing as some wedding on beautiful sandy beaches or in some exotic location, but they can actually be much more meaningful and beautiful than you could ever imagine.
 With a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of sentimentality, your wedding in the spot where your first kiss happened will be one that will not only be remembered for years to come, but can look incredible in pictures. 
Think about it! 

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